Our Services

Day Habilitation/Day Program

Our Day Habilitation Program features participation in small group education and boutique habilitation services, including training modules that are age-appropriate and reflective of individuals’ rights and choices.  Day Habilitation participants will be assisted in the acquisition of skills and experiences needed to participate in the community.  Sample activities include Yoga, Book Club, etiquette, gardening, and culinary arts as well as many community-based activities such as swimming, horseback riding, and dining.  Please click on services tab above for more specific information about our Day Habilitation services.


CPAT offers an array of expert evaluations and assessments that are completed at our offices; remote locations such as residential treatment or detention facilities; referral offices; the home; and other locations as indicated.  Please click on our services tab above for a detailed listing of our psychodiagnostic services.

Youth Services

CPAT offers a variety of expert youth services that can be provided at our offices and when indicated, can be provided at remote locations such as residential and/or detention facilities; the home; referral offices; and other indicated locations.  Please click on the services tab above for a more detailed listing of our youth services.

Behavioral Supports

CPAT’s behavior support services focus on the use of prosocial and positive reinforcement strategies as well as counseling strategies based on the individual’s unique needs and indicated assessment results.  Individuals may also participate in individual and group-based therapies focused on such topics as appropriate social boundaries and interactions with others, appropriate use of social media, appropriate psychoseuxal boudaries, and anger and emotional management strategies as it relates to the behavioral support services.  Please click on the services tab above for a more detailed explanation of our behavioral support services,. 

Webinars and Trainings

CPAT offers a host of Webinars and Trainings which currently include these topics:

–Self-Harm Behaviors in School Age Youth

–Psychosexual Assessment for Individuals with I/DD

–Community-based Treatment of Sexually Disordered Behaviors

– Borderline Personality Disorder and Community-Based Outpatient Treatment

–Sexually Disordered, Sexually Reactive, and Sexually Aggressive Youth – An Overview

–Fire Setting Versus Arson Behaviors in YouthPlease click on our services tab above for more information about our webinars and trainings. 

Please contact our office regarding locations (in community or office)