Youth Services

CPAT offers the following belowlisted youth services that can be offered at our office and, when indicated, can be provided at remote locations such as residential treatment facilities, detention facilities, the home, referral offices, and other locations as mutually agreed.


Youth Evaluations Childrens System of Care (CSOC)/Private

-Psychological/Psychological Evaluation with IQ Assessment

-Threat Assessment and School Violence Risk

-Psychological/Psychosexual Evaluation

-Sexually Disordered/Risk of Recidivism Evaluation

-Fire Setting Risk of Recidivism Evaluation 


Psychotherapy – Children’s System of Care (CSOC)/Private

-(Children’s System of Care IIC Provider 0117838)

-Group Therapy IIC/Outpatient – DBT

-Group Therapy IIC/Outpatient – Sexually Disordered

-Individual Therapy IIC/Outpatient – DBT

-Individual IIC/Outpatient – Sexually Disordered 


Qualified Provider – Department of Children and Families

(Resource Number 10131724) 


DCF/DCPP Forensic Evaluation – Court Ordered

(Children who have been exposed to childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse and neglect, trauma, and domestic violence; issues of parenting and bonding. 


Forensic, Custody, Contested Adoption, Child’s Best-Interest Evaluation Assessments typically used in divorce proceedings or contested adoption. In depth psychological assessments of all parties to include parent/guardian, child/children, and related caregiver or custodian.