The Center for Psychological Assessment and Treatment (CPAT) is a quality provider of communitybased day habilitation supports and services to individuals with 1/DD. CPAT offers a unique, evidencebased perspective to day habilitation that is led by CEO and Clinical Executive Director Loren B. Amsell, Ph.D., NADDCC

Program participants and their guardians will receive specialized clinical oversight and, when necessary, assessment and treatment. CPAT day habilitation services feature daytime hours for participation in small group education and boutique habilitation services, including training modules that reflect ageappropriate skills as well as individual rights and choices. CPAT services will assist the individual in the acquisition of skills and experience needed to participate in the community as indicated in the individuals Service Plan. Yoga, book club, etiquette, gardening, and culinary arts are a sample of the modules offered

At CPAT Day Habilitation Program; individuals across a spectrum of capabilities, acuities, and physical needs will develop life skills, community integration preparedness, and individual personal development in a professional environment with exclusive clinical oversight. All CPAT day habilitation activities are approved by a CPAT officer and support participants as well as members of service participants family. Service participants and their guardians, families, and support coordinators are welcomed to assist CPAT in the strategies and desired outcomes for the building of problemsolving skills, selfhelp, social skills, adaptive skills, daily living skills, and leisure skills needed for prosocial and adaptive community experiences