Day Habitation


CPAT offers the following belowlisted evaluations and assessments completed at our office and, when indicated, can be provided at remote locations such as residential treatment facilities, detention centers, referral offices, and other locations as mutually agreed


Children, Youth, Adult, Non-custody Psychological Evaluations

-Psychosexual Evaluation

-Sex Offense Recidivism Assessment

-Fire setting and Arson Evaluation Psychological

-Evaluation/Psychological Evaluation with IQ

-Threat Assessment and School Violence Risk 


Specialty (DD Population) Evaluations and Treatment

-(Children and Adults with 1/DD) Behavior Support Services (Provider #0492248)

-Sex Offender (SO) Specific Treatment

-SO Specific Group Treatment

-SO Specific Individual Treatment

-Behavior Support Therapy/Behavior Support Plans

-Psychosexual/Risk Assessments DD Adults/DD Youth

–Fire Setting Risk Assessments for DD Adults/DD Youth

-Guardianship Evaluations